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Local Steamboat Springs, CO boutique delivering gift basket creations.  The current local events and a fun blog are posted as well.


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Kiki Soule

Named by French Fur trappers in the 1860s for a hot spring near the Yampa River that sounded like a steamboat.

There are more than 150 mineral springs in the area.

James Crawford staked the first homestead in 1875.

City of Steamboat Springs was incorporated in 1900.

Hometown to over 80 Winter Olympic athletes since 1932, more than any other town in the US.

Home to Howelsen Hill, Colorado’s oldest ski area in continuous use (opened 1915).

In the early 1900s Steamboat Springs was the largest exporter of cattle in the western United States.

Lincoln Avenue (US Highway 40), Steamboat Springs’ main street was built wide to accommodate cattle drives.

Rodeo history dates back over 100 years.

Steamboat Springs weekly summer rodeo was named the "Small Town Outdoor Rodeo of the Year" by the ProRodeo Cowboys Association in 2002.

Holds oldest, continuous winter carnival west of the Mississippi River.

Home to Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School & Camp (opened 1913) attended by such performing artists as Dustin Hoffman, Julie Harris and Agnes de Mille.

One of the first 8 U.S. cities to receive the Preserve America Community designation from the White House.